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Our goal is to provide the purest, healthiest and most affordable drinking water to the forefront. We bring natural bottled spring mineral water, rich with minerals that the human body can’t create alone. Geramba Bottling products are manufactured to the highest international standard quality.

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The Mountains

The vision for the name Geranba originated from the Geranba Mountain located in the Sidama Zone, Arbegona Woreda.

South Spring Water: A Rare Find

The Geranba Mountain is over 3300m above sea level.

The bottled South Spring water of Geranba Bottling is sourced from the Geranba Mountains Chanche Spring, which provides a refreshing taste reminiscent of water sourced from the rarest highlands, filled with natural minerals and nutrients consumed by nature itself.

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Hydrate & get refreshed with South Spring Water

Our nutritional content is consistent with world-leading water manufacturers and is in line with both the World Health Organisation standard and our consumers daily recommended intake.

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